I dreamt so much about my ex last night and i don’t understand it. I haven’t even thought about him in months.
The beginning of the dream is fuzzy but we were sitting together in a field for some reason and then we started drinking wine. I woke up the next day(still in the dream) to messages from him that implied that he still liked me. Another friend of mine was in the dream and she told me about how she saw him delete a tweet directed towards me where he asked if i believed in fate??
Then suddenly we’re going on a date to an anime themed arcade and it was weird as hell.
Now I like him again and i hate my subconscious thoughts so much.

I’m feeling v happy today.
I get to buy a laptop this week and school has been going incredibly well. If i manage to make any friends at all I’ll be feeling sunglasses emoji for life

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💸 = 😀